Friday, June 19, 2009

grease coakes in virtual world of second life

erotic city

sneaky krugman

Talk about a blast from the past! I got a shout from old friend Grease Coakes who is hosting at Erotic City. DJ Sneaky Krugman is back on the grid spinning his trance!

dj sneaky krugman

I met these peeps at TJIce a long, long time ago. A club where I met everyone that I know. Wow! Good to see these peeps again... woot!

grease coakes at erotic city

summer solstice june 20, 2009

thomtrance otoole at organica

Ooooo... Summer Solstice is coming to Organica!

thomtrance otoole goa master

June 20, 2009


12pm to midnight slt

10:00 pm Burn!

Happy Clam Island

xavier, rafee at dj thomtrance...

club posters at alt7

club posters at alt7, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

harriet, space, medusala at al...

Grid is acting funny today. Lots of slow rezz and gray textures... playing havoc with my pictures today. It's funny how one place will rezz quickly and another, just a mass of gray blobs...

alt7 party : friends of dj spa...

alt7 alternative club

photo booth at alt7

I stopped off at alt7 to say hi to the fans of dj Space Grelling. He was celebrating the season of festivals with live recordings of favorite indie bands.

rafee at alt7