Tuesday, December 1, 2009

world aids day in second life

world aids day in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

dale katscher live music for w...

dale katscher live music in se...

dale katscher at world aids da...

I could hear the strumming of the guitar and the smooth voice of Dale Katscher, live musician at the World Aids Day Fundraiser at Dance4Life.

dance4life worlds aids fundrai...

dance4life worlds aids day fun...

Mareabella Magic and Gauge Carter of Danc4Life has created a wonderful unifying event at their normally hopping dance club. Dance4Life has combined both live music and dj's at this fundraising event.

raftwet jewell at dance4life w...

raftwet at worlds aids day fun...

Today, the world observes that AIDS is still a major illness throughout the world that needs our attention. And, here in Second Life, we follow the world's lead.

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dance floor at muzik haus

dance floor at muzik haus, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

mr widget at muzik haus in second life

mr widget virtual dj at muzik haus

Amazing they said.

Colors swirling, mesmerizing.

Soft glow, mashy mashy,

eifachfilm, calubious at mr widget party

muzik haus party in second life

colors at muzik haus

and then there's

mr widget.

pied piper; we follow to Muzik Haus.

muzik haus art textures

oh, i see eifachfilm

and calubious

and laslopantomik

and raintears

and mason

and taliesin

raftwet, eifachfilm at mr widget party

and so many others.

and, me so addicted to widget spins.