Thursday, April 1, 2010

ganjo mokeev at sunset jazz club

Live music at Sunset Jazz Club is always an elegant treat. Top notch A List material play at Circe Broom's club.

sunset jazz club in second life

raftwet jewell in second life

Her club has been featured by many media outlets including Fox News, The Baltimore Sun newspaper and many Ezines.

circe broom, vincent merricks at sunset jazz club

circe broom

Circe and her Circle of Sound has a wonderful stable of musicians that play at her venues. Tonight we are listening to the soulful jazzy vocals of Ganjo Mokeev. Go listen and support live music.

xavier, raftwet at sunset jazz club

xavier, raftwet from the a list!

dance floor at THEstudio

dance floor at THEstudio, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

THEstudio virtual world

dance floor at THEstudio

This is my first blog after I agreed to the new TOS. I got permission to take these photos at THEstudio from Zak Escher in a convo he had w/ our founder. Whew... ok, now to the blog!

THEstudio in second life

xavier, raftwet at THEstudio

THEstudio is an intimate place owned by Zak and his lovely partner, CJ Escher. I especially loved the golden dance floor of fractal shapes.

xavier, raftwet in second life

raftwet jewell in second life

DJ Cooper Janus was spinning a set of down home southern rock. The familiar tunes were haunting as I know I've heard a lot of this before. Xavi knew most and took me on a learning experience tonight.