Saturday, May 15, 2010

organica in second life

organica in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

organica and dj barbs kurka at booth

organica dance floor

Lazy Saturday night of club hopping brings us to Happy Clam Island for dj Barbs Kurka psy spin at Organica.

flora at organica

organica on happy clam island

The particles were going, the rezz was slow and tons of gray people in front of me... but the tunes were great.

organica and the gray people

raftwet, xavier at organica party

raftwet, xavier at dj barbs kurka party at organica

Barbs Kurka is a builder, dj and promoter in Second Life. She spins at Organica regularly. Catch her there or BassLine for her dj sets!

Black and Blue Fair - June 4th

The days are winding down towards the opening of the Black and Blue Fair!! Lucky for you I've got my nifty press pass and will be giving you very special sneaky peeks before the fair opens so you can prepare! Stay tuned my lovies! Exclusive items from so many creators in Second Life. Can you hear me squealing yet?

Black and Blue Fair Coming Soon!!!

Current list of merchants:
III, Magika, Alexohol, *BOOM*, Sassy Kitty Designs, Schismphrenic, *League*, Cobrahive, Mehndi, House of Ruin, :::LiNe:::, Mariposa, KIM Bodysuits, Adam N Eve, Pea-In-A-Pod, Goth1c0, *Dreams*, Cynful, Nushru, [insignia], [skream!], Baffle!, Mynerva, *filthy glitter*, KAPANGA, Intrigue Co., Tribal Soul Designs, Secrets Hair, iPoke Piercings, PARADISIS, Touche’, Jazymn D, Hello Dave, Flavor! Designs, Mango, Mango!, *Dilly Dolls*, Fusion, GLITTERATI, GL Designs, Sinful Pleasures, Insatiable Fashions, SIGMA Jewels, MF Princess, T Junction, Dahlinks, /me Poses, .:LeeL:., [doll.], Shabby Cat, Twisted and Spoiled, .:::GARAGE:::., Acid & Mala Creations, .:Shush:., BLACKLACE, Orange Creations, estetica, *LP* design, {Little Pricks} and Heart and Sole.

 Black and Blue Fair!
June 4th Event
Submtted by BOSL to THE A LIST!

Some items may have been gifted.

jinx paz in second life

jinx paz in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

jinx paz spinning tunes at le cimetiere

goth music at le cimetiere

The party's overrrrrrr... and just like that, in the middle of Jinx Paz's awesome shock-a-billy spin, her power gave out in a real life lightening storm.

jinx paz at le cimetiere

jinx paz spinning at le cimetiere

Damn. The music was so fun as she started with a big band swing set that morphed into Jean-Luc Ponty fiddling and then into a nice hilly-billy, rockabilly twang.

xavi, rafee, luci at le cimetiere

xavier, raftwet, lucifer at le cimetiere

xavier, raftwet, lucifer at party at le cimetiere

Le Cimietiere... where anything goes. The music is always fun here from goth to punk and everything in between.

djs at le cimetiere

vamp night at le cimetiere

le cimietiere virtual metaverse

Jinx is the matriarch of this sim... pink hair and wide-eyed, demented little girl look, she takes care of the artists that hang here... a good thang.