Tuesday, June 30, 2009

elisha richez

elisha richez, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

the sanctuary

We went to go hear Elisha Richez spin at The Sanctuary. She is always interesting to hear... always full of surprises.

dj elisha richez

elisha richez party at the san...

I saw owner, Clyn Vella, Pete Westminster, Justine Perenti, Grip Talon and a bunch of others there. Fun fun fun!

xavier, rafee at the sanctuary

Saturday, June 27, 2009

da ol' lady at pete westminster party

pete westminster aka dj barbar...

dj pete westminster hardstyle ...

hardstyle dj pete westminster

I loved the old lady bopping to the hard beats and hardstyle of dj Pete Westminster's spin. Pete is also known as dj Barbarick, a UK spinner of the hard core style.

grip talon at tir na gra club

dj pete westiminster party

I saw several avis at dj Pete's party at Tir Na Gra club including Veronika Sautereau, Lilian Howley, Grip Talon, Reuns Dreadlow and others. Eeep!

rafee at tir na gra club

Friday, June 26, 2009

forbidden keng party at tadd's cabaret

tadds cabaret & dance club

I can hear Xavier snoring... lol! He's asleep and I am wide awake building more waterfalls...

tadds cabaret on chads bora ...

Tadd Rives sent a tp over for dj Forbidden Keng's party at Tadd's Cabaret & Dance Club.

rafee at tadds cabaret & danc...

forbidden keng party at tadds...

I thought I would check out a few tunes and chill a bit. Giggles... her tunes and Xavi's snoring didn't quite mesh, but it was comforting to hear my angel in a peaceful but loud mood.

rafee at tadds cabaret party

space grelling at indie rock : june 27th

alt7 space grelling, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

INDIE ROCK (24/7 Indie Rock music)

SL home of Indie Rock incl. Alternative, Punk, New Wave, Emo, Ska, Shoegaze, Newgaze, Nugaze, Grunge, Industrial, Garage, Madchester, BritPop, Indie Pop & Dream Pop.

􀀀 INDIE ROCK (24/7) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zaurak/20/82/25

Music club: 24/7 shoutcast stream, sensor dance floor & couples dance machine.

􀀁 INDIE ROCK (24/7) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zaurak/20/82/25

DJ Space Grelling playing live Saturday, 27 June:
4AM-7AM PDT (SL Time); 12PM-3PM PDT (SL Time); 6PM-8PM PDT (SL Time)
DJ Space playing live Sunday, 28 June:
4AM-7AM PDT (SL Time); 1PM-4PM PDT (SL Time)


check dj space grelling on the second life grid

angel by chuckmatrix clip

angel by chuckmatrix clip, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

detail of angels

devils and angels

Xavi and I stopped off at Beehive Islands to check out Chuckmatrix Clip's study on light vs dark, angels vs demons, good vs evil...

angel by chuckmatrix clip

chuckmatrix clip

Stunning sculptures rendered depicting the conflict between good and evil were shown between the angels and demons fighting an every day war.

chuckmatrixs installation

detail of angel

Beautifully done, Chuckmatrix's work deserved to be seen by all. It is a reminder of the conflict in all of us. For CMC Designs, check out his gallery on Archan for more sculptures, paintings and design work.

xavier, raftwet at chuckmatrix...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

sao tokyoska

sao tokyoska, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

avatar sao tokyoska at the fou...

I got the summer blahs... it's sooper hot outside and I thought I would chill with DJ Sao Tokyoska over at The Foundry.

the foundry party

the foundry

A big crowd was there partying to the eclectic mash of DJ Sao... a nice start to a Thursday evening at The Foundry.

rafee, xavier at the foundry

the foundry party