Friday, July 3, 2009

architecture at artisfacta

architecture at artisfacta, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

artisfacta club

Oh, today... I felt like a little bit of France. I needed to hear DJ Icemoon aka Duran Devin do a bit of ghetto dance deep disco funky acid garage latin tribal tech progressive speed minimal set at ARTISFACTA.

dj icemoon at artisfacta

icemoon aka duran devin

LOL! Yah, that's what it said when I got the Electronic Informer notice. So The A List! and I went to go check out this club again. I had written about this place before when it first opened up on my raftwet jewell myspace site.

rediffusion radio

events at artisfacta club

dj icemoon party

The ARTISFACTA architecture here is to die for... any builder will appreciate the beauty of this build. It is fabulous! Not a bad way to spend outdoors listening to great music and absorbing the beautiful architecture at the same time... woot!

rafee at artisfacta club

dance 4 life : 1st blackout

dance 4 life : 1st blackout, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.


strictly black attire

friday 3, 2009

12pm to 10pm

Dance 4 Life


dj ferris

dj isabella

dj pablo

dj slidin

dj ddirty

Promoted by D4L Angels

Sponsors :

dance 4 life


live turntable group

electronic informer

ravens block, new york, ny 10118

Get on your black party clothes and head on down! Add a single red element of color to represent HIV/AIDS Awareness & show your support! See ya all there, Rafee


Xavier and Miss Raftwet went to check out the slew of dj's spinning at Dance 4 Life. After the big buzz coming from Dance 4 Life, we had to stop off for a dance together.

dance 4 life : the a list : ra...

We both had on black with our one red touch in remembering AIDS/HIV awareness. Xavier had on a new suit and a red tie. Miss Rafee had on Niven Collection black Dahlia formal gown and I was holding a single red rose that Xavi gave me.

raftwet, xavier of the a list ...

There was a packed house! And, that made picture taking very difficult... all the gray avis! Woot!

raftwet, xavier at dance 4 lif...