Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashion Resources!

Well, I gave an art seminar today so I dressed the part... at least I think so. The easel is from RC Cluster and is far too cute.. at least on my back deck it is!! If you've never been to RC Cluster you simply have to visit. Miss Redd Columbia is one funny lady! And I do mean that in the very best way possible!


Get the Style:

Hat: LeLutka - Audrey hat in Brown

Hair: Maitreya - Moon - Chocolate

Skin: LaVie - Demi - June - Spring

Shoes: Miel - Ant Flats - Sage

Necklace: LaGyo: Knots short necklace in pearl

Earrings: Earthstones -  Watermelon Egg Earrings

Pants: aDiva Couture - Myra Pants

Shirt: Couverture - Zephyr Dress in green

Bangles: Earthstones - Tarnished Gypsy Bangles - Silver/Earth

Socks: Miel - Jane Socks - Brown Bumble

Written by: BOSL
THE A LIST! Blog Fashion Contributor

Some items may have been gifted.

MOM promotions

MOM promotions, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

ministry of motion in second life

dance animations at ministry of motion

A whimsical shopping experience for dance animations accompanys live music at Ministry of Motion on a regular basis. Tonight, we caught Raspbury Rearwin with his guitar.

ministry of motion

live musician raspbury rearwin

Nomash Syaka is the creative mind behind this whimsy and madness. Flying noobs, pink elephants and bananas float through the sky.

dance animations in second life

Avis trying out the dance animations through 100's of dance pads and walking on the beautiful water, this place is a total fantasy shopping experience.

dance animations at MOM

Live musicians are here daily from Max Kleene to Noma Falta. All kinds of promotions to win you over include free dancing, free lindens and more.

This is shopping at its best! Go play and listen! Woot!

bonaire12 river gorge in second life

We went exploring last night and found a stellar sim called Bonaire12. There is a small club called La Habana Beach Club with salsa music and dance poses.

tropical la habana beach club

la habana beach club salsa

The tropical sea was breath taking! A deep blue green with almost a teal glow just drew me in as we made the salsa moves on their dance floor.

tropical ocean at la habana beach club

la habana beach club mysteries

The dance floor was placed over an aquarium of sea creatures. And the music was divine.

raftwet, xavier in second life

dancing salsa at la habana beach club

The builder Miqo Kanto gave us a private tour of the entire sim. He showed us several "rides" including a submarine exploration, a zip line and many places of hidden delights.

submarine exploration in second life

xavier, raftwet at bonaire12 sim

I totally fell in love with the river gorge. It was absolutely stunning. I just stood there staring at the water for a very long time... totally inspiring.

la habana beach club

Miqo is a wonderful builder with a passion for the grid that I haven't seen in a long time. His focus is not retail or commercial. He merely wants to share his vision with the rest of the grid. Truly a top notch avi who is contributing a beautiful experience to the grid.

Miqo has several youtube offerings:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fashion Resources

Oh the jeans! I am completely addicted to these jeans for three simple reasons.

Reason one: The textures are absolutely fabulous!

Reason two: They don't show my butt in any shape or fashion. Despite what folks might tell you, crack is not sexy or appealing in any way!

Reason three: Oh my goodness! Someone made jeans without rips or tears in them!

Jeans! What Next photo by Shae Sixpence

P.S. The store behind me is called What Next and has some very cute, quality furnishings that are low prim and best of all low cost!

Get the style:

Jeans: Dutch Touch - Jeans Regular Fit

Shirt: Apple May Designs - Ruffles - Sky

Shoes: G Fleld - Short Lace Up Boots - Black

Belt: Couverture - Taken from the "Passionemet" Dress

Earrings: Earthstones - Onyx Egg Earring

Ring: i love 13 - "The Crow" Ring - Brilliant Black

Watch: Mischievous Cat - Kastor- Ladies Version

Hair: Maitreya - Nimue - Chocolate

Skin: LaVie - Demi April Spring

Pose: Manifeste


HUGE Sale at Tres Beau!!!

Tres Beau logo for Shae Sixpence blog entry

Kim has been spring cleaning and OH MY has she been cleaning!

Over 100 items marked down 50% or more!  Come shop till you drop, the sale ends May 15th!

Casual !!

Dresses !!

Formal !!

Wedding Gowns !!

*****************  50 % and more off! ******************************

Written by: BOSL for THE A LIST! 

Some items may have been gifted.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

battle of the sexes

battle of the sexes, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Battle of the Sexes

April 28, 2010 ~~ 6pm slt

He mocked her for being a female dj. Taunting her during her set... saying,
'Woman can't possibly be as good a dj as a man!"

Was he flirting? Was he just intimidated by her mixes & powerful material. No one knows, except that he crossed the line & touched a raw nerve... setting off a fire storm in the virtual world's music scene.

Now, the Diva herself, DJane Jasminx Saenz settles this score... calling out to chauvinist DJ Trebor Renfew... you've been served! And with that...

Let the Battle of the Sexes begin!

Special guest referee: Init Hubble

Presented by : Digital Nation
Thanks to Digital Francis

Monday, April 26, 2010

etc dollinger at the black cat club

Gawd! It's Monday... ugh. And, a week's worth of work is in front of me. Hmmm... Monday is close to weekend; therefore, I can excuse this evening for a party! LOL!

etc dollinger dancing at his party

etc dollinger party at the black cat club

DJ ETC Dollinger hit the decks over at The Black Cat Club for his signature party spins. He had a theme going on pulling all kinds of music together for a fun, fun, fun set!

xavier, raftwet at black cat club

xavier, raftwet at etc dollinger party

Monday blues? Naw... not when we got party dj's like ETC on the grid. Woot!

the black cat club

the black cat club in second life

More Info About ETC & Sookie's Latest News!

Club owners and aspiring DJs/hosts:

HOT M.E.S.S. | DJ / HOST  Academy

We are here to ensure you have the most successful experience in SL.

Our academy in SL is based upon professional RL asynchronous web services. Please visit  for an examples.  We also administer RL academic virtual schools.

In SL we prefer to communicate with our students in synchronous or real time via skype to ensure we meet our students individual needs. This allows us to talk and screen share as we progress through lessons.

For SL Club Owners:
We offer training for all of your staff. Many think that a great DJ makes the club what it is in SL. We are here to help you take that concept to the next level. It is not only about the DJs it is about a collective staff effort. We will train your staff in the concepts and skills needed to make your venue one of the top in SL. We offer individual staff classes or will work with you for a custom package to suit your staffing needs.

We have proven ourselves in many venues across the grid as well as are currently active in many of SL's top clubs. The proof is in the performance of our staff. We encourage your to "shop around" for competitive services, but we have already saved you the time ;-)

For SL DJs and Hosts:
Our very experienced instructors will ensure your are ready for any club or venue to DJ/host in a very effective manner. The expeience you gain will ensure your guests are very happy and in turn boost the traffic up.

Our curriculum is comprised of the basics every DJ/host should know and progresses into advanced concepts that you would only learn after a very long time of DJing or hosting in SL. We facilitate working partnerships between DJ and host.  We save you time and help your tips increase two-fold.

Stop by and chat with us @
Hot M.E.S.S., DJ and Hostess Academy (83, 150, 33)

ETC Dollinger
Sookie Landar

Written by ETC Dollinger and Sookie Landar

Sunday, April 25, 2010

MoShang Zhao ambiant musician

MoShang Zhao ambiant musician, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

moshang zhao in second life

moshang zhao group Shang's Gang

Beautiful Substance Club is the perfect setting for ambiant music by MoShang Zhao. MoShang is a real life musician selling albums of his ethereal haunting ambiant music on the web.

substance club in second life

raftwet at MoShang Zhao concert

Jazzy, with an Asian touch, MoShang brings a classy air to any venue he plays. Second Life is very lucky to have him here bringing his brand of chill to the grid.

rafee at moshang zhao ambiant music concert at substance club

raftwet jewell in second life

raftwet at substance club

Thank you Kirin Serevi for bringing the best musicians to your club, Substance.


More Info from the MoShang Zhao, the Sound Jeweler:::::::

MoShang is a sound jeweler living in Taiwan. He collects rough audio diamonds from the streets of Taiwan (be they overheard conversations, street-ads blared from the ubiquitous blue-trucks, street processions or funeral chants) and fuses them with traditional Chinese instruments and laid-back beats to create a unique blend of downtempo electronica he likes to call Chinese Chill.

MoShang is the Chinese moniker of Jean Marais, who began as a choral singer in the early 1980s in Cape Town, South Africa – at which time he acquired his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20. It would take some time, however, for his love of music and computers to find its ideal expression.  Marais first earned acclaim as lead singer/frontman of the South African art-rock band Duusman and as saxophonist for the group Tsunami; he also served as producer on three award-winning albums honoring poet Breyten Breytenbach and formed half of the Afrikaans pop duo 12Hz.  He garnered South Africa’s prestigious Avanti Award for his score to the short film “Angels in a Cage.”  Most recently, his music was selected for two episodes of the  HDTV Discovery Channel production “Fantastic Festivals Of The World” currently airing in the USA and soon worldwide.

Marais relocated to the Taiwanese city of Taichung three years ago; his first release as MoShang, “Made in Taiwan,” was released on his Onse Plate (Afrikaans for “Our Records”) imprint in 2004. His second, "Chill Dynasty" was released in September 2006.


Praise for MoShang's new album, "Chill Dynasty" (Onse Plate 2006):

"Chill Dynasty is a multi-layered, mystical, playful collection of pieces that are quietly stated yet astonishing in their complexity."
~ Jennifer Layton ~

"This album is a daring pursuit for any compilation let alone any individual artist but luckily MoShang manages to explore mainly unchartered territory and has found something unique and fresh. With its layered beats over traditional oriental musical instruments and with a touch of electronica thrown in for good measure Chill Dynasty will be a true delight to any ‘Chinese Chillout’ fan."
~ Christina Warner ~

Chill Dynasty proves MoShang’s consistent quality and mastery as an artist, composer, and producer. Meet the Eastern world’s Sven Van Hees – MoShang proves Chill Dynasty a classic beyond its time.
~ Tim Quigley ~


MoShang is generally available for performances in SL during the following time slots:
 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 5pm (SLT) to 10:30pm (SLT); Fridays 9pm (SLT) to 2am (SLT); Saturdays 5pm (SLT) to 2am (SLT).


For more info, visit MoShang on the web at:

Written by : MoShang Zhao

techno convention may 2, 2010

techno convention may 2, 2010, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

4th techno convention in second life

united beats openstage in second life

dj booth at united beats openstage

A sleepy Sunday morning after waffles, fresh strawberries and a nice cup of tea, I headed for Vania's United Beats Openstage venue for chill tunes with the minimalist crowd.

united beats openstage dj's

party at united beats openstage

united beats openstage dance floor

united beats openstage for music

DJ McRave Zeplin was spinning for the fans. The brown distressed landscape of buildings was highlighted with an eerie pink glow and punctuated with yellow lights.

raftwet jewell at united beats openstage

raftwet in second life

I noticed the sign announcing the 4th Second Life Techno Convention coming up soon on May 2, 2010. A bevy of minimal techno dj's were slated to spin. Sounds like a good party, peeps! Woot!