Tuesday, November 16, 2010

mankind tracer concert performance at the rose theatre

mankind tracer concert performance at the rose theatre, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

mankind tracer at the rose theatre

mankind tracer concert at the rose theatre

A beautiful setting for Mankind Tracer's concert performance today at The Rose Theatre complimented the gorgeous day outside.

kaya angel of the rose theatre

the rose theatre balcony seats

the rose theatre gold gilt

Mankind's soulful voice resonated throughout the great concert hall reminding us of how lucky we are to experience great music in a magnificent theatre such as this one.

the rose theatre concert schedule

entrance area to the rose theatre

mankind tracer concert

The Rose Theatre is a must see place for those of you who love exploring the Second Life grid.

the rose theatre patrons

raftwet jewell at the rose theatre

raftwet at mankind tracer concert

Monday, November 15, 2010

SL TEKNIVAL #6 : Nov 19fri/20sat/21sun

SL TEKNIVAL #6, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.



Nov 19, 20 & 21, 2010 

Fri / Sat / Sun
56 hours of non-stop music

Special thanks:
ISItheDreaMakeR Teskat
Keyboard Broek
M8 Parx
Skyman Woller

Location: (secret)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tone Uriza : Live Music in Second Life

Tone Uriza : Live Music in Second Life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell

Tone Uriza at The Bottom Line Cabaret

Tone Uriza in Second Life

The Bottom Line Cabaret

Live musician Tone Uriza is a real life blues, jazz artist residing in the USA. His wonderful sets include his own compositions and covers of blues classics. And, his slide guitar... oooo la la!

Radio Pando presents Tone Uriza

The Bottom Line Cabaret

He has brought collaboration with real musicians and streamed them in Second Life and he plays at several venues around the grid.. He is a gentleman and a wonderful artist, too!

Homage to Live Musicians at The Bottom Line Cabaret

raftwet at The Bottom Line Cabaret

His real life Tony and the Torpedoes can be heard in the Southwest. Tony was inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame in October of 1999. He joined SL in 2007 where he has great fun playing his blues.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Velocity Club presents HOUSE

Velocity Club presents HOUSE, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Velocity Club

presents ~~~~~~~

HOUSE in your face

Tues / Nov 9th

antonio tc 10 - 12
ihab merlin 12 - 2
silus kappler 2 - 4
dane koba 4 - 6

Poster and info submitted by Vivoo Penucca from Velocity for THE A LIST! blog.
Poster and info uploaded by raftwet jewell for this blog.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

jakec hotshot at jakes farewell party

jakec hotshot at jakes farewell party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

jakes farewell party poster

jakes club resort


farwell party 2010

(psst... never fear... the good is always back for more!)

a little birdie chirped last night
that made me stop and think.
that the good and right
will continue on in an eye's blink.

In Jake's own words:

"Dear Family & Friends,

It is with heartfelt thanks that I write this note. To all of you who have supported Jake's for nearly 3 years, we couldn't have survived without your energy and fun loving spirits. 

Throughout our run, Jake's was graced with many avatars of all shapes, sizes, genders, and species. I am proud of the fact that they all were made welcome and celebrated for their self expression and diversity. You, our guests, made it possible to create a place were all people could feel at home. I say people because it's never been about the avatar, but the men and women controlling them.

It would be an inexcusable oversight for me to not thank the people I have considered my family over the years.

Syri, you truly are the heart of the club, you control the tempo and vibe of each party and you never failed to let us down. From the day you DJ'ed my going away party almost 3 years ago, to today, you have rocked us all, and I'm happy that you will have the opportunity to continue.

The Boys. Rocky who was with me from almost day one, and stuck with me through rough times, I can't say how much I love you and thank you for your fun loving attitude and welcoming personality, and unconditional love and support. Ritch, who served as a loyal, hard working, committed member of our team, and loved member of our family, your contribution has been priceless. Beckham, you stepped in when we needed you and proved to be an essential member of our staff and family. Past boys like Brady, Troy, Theo, and Patty, helped lay the foundation for our tremendous success and while missed have never been forgotten.

There would be no Jake's without "The Boys"

But even further there would be no Jake's without Baz. Truly the backbone of the club for over 2 years Baz was the driving force behind our commitment to excellence. Baz's time, hard work, creativity, and investment in our vision  without any doubt made the club and our community stronger.

The building and the club may officially be closed, but the goodness, love, and friendships will live on.

Thank you all again, for the gift of love and friendship that you have given me, and I only hope you have all felt it in return from me.

I love you all,


Stay tuned for more of Jake's events and new location!

Rocky's blog: http://in-worldandout.blogspot.com
Baz's blog: http://bazbuz.blogspot.com
jakes farewell party

xavier, jake at jakes farewell party

jakes club resort

jakes farewell party

jakes club resort

All photos uploaded and posted by raftwet jewell for flickr and THE A LIST! blog.
Letter from Jake submitted by JakeC Hotshot.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

THE CRISS : Remembrance Day Art Contest

"THE CRISS" Remembrance Day Art Contest, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Remembrance Day Art Contest

Art piece to portray World war 2 (WW2) Remembrance Day  and peace.


* Prim limit up to 30
* Cannot exceed height of 6 metres
* Cannot exceed width of 3 metres
* One entry  per person and must be in within  October 19th and November 11th
*  Sculpture must be transferrable and copiable

All submissions to katerina Burner, Director of The Criss MCA.

Make sure you keep your original as entry will not be returned.
Winners will be selected by public voting by the 19th November.

Finalists will be notified to be able to attend the awards day event to be announced on 24th November at 6pm (slt) at Concert Event  presentation at the MCA.

1st prize 5000L
2nd prize1500L
3rd  500L

 Also the winners will be able to show at The Criss MCA  at a future date.

*Cannot include any defamatory or pornographic images or be specific to patriotism or political preference.


Location: Alajuela (192, 72, 22)

Poster & info submitted by Scotj Criss for THE A LIST! blog.
Upload by raftwet jewell for this post.

THE SHIPWRIGHTS by TheArtfullOne Skytower

THE SHIPWRIGHTS by TheArtfullOne Skytower, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Southern Cross




Deep House Sessions
Weds 2am (slt)

03 Nov 2010

DJ Olaf Quintessa
DJ TheArtfullOne Skytower

Southern Cross presents our weekly fix of the best Deep House tunes with Djs Olaf Quintessa and The ArtfullOne live in the mix from 2am Weds at The Shipwrights. 

Cosmo (82,200,24)

Broadcast on www.future-music.co.uk

Photo and information by Southern Cross and submitted by TheArtfullOne Skytower for THE A LIST! blog.
Photo upload and edit by raftwet jewell for this post.