Saturday, January 16, 2010

noma falta in second life

noma falta in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

noma falta at the musicians lair

You can tell it is a weekend of busy events in Second Life... the lag is killing me! LOL!

We hit the tp to go Shilow Carter's The Musician's Lair, a live music venue for some of the most popular musicians on the grid.

the musicians lair in second life

We got there in time for Noma Falta's set of her bluesy rocking tunes. Her throaty voice and her guitar wailing, I can see why the venue was packed to the max! Woot!

trav mccullough at palm bay supper club

trav mccullough at palm bay supper club, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

clarice karu in second life

trav mccullough vocalist in second life

clarice karu at palm bay supper club
We headed over to hear two of our favorite vocalists, Trav McCullough and Clarice Karu. Both were singing back to back at Palm Bay Supper Club Restaurant.

palm bay supper club restaurant

couples dancing in second life
Romantic music and beautiful voices were a welcome respite from the busy week.

raftwet, xavier at trav mccullough concert

raftwet, xavier at palm bay supper club

trav mccullough live music

This is a wonderful way to spend a quiet and romantic Saturday evening with my angel. We swayed to Trav's voice as he took us to a romantic place in our hearts.

dancefuel cyber-charting event

dancefuel cyber-charting event, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.



Cyber-Charting Event

Jan 18, 2010
12 pm to 6pm (slt)


@ Digital Nation

mareabella magic of dance4life

mareabella magic of dance4life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

mareabella magic at dance4life

mareabella in second life

dance4life in second life

There's the shout! It's party time at Dance4Life and dj DDirty Adamczyk from Southern California was spinning. Woot!

dance4life in nyc virtual second life

dance4life party in second life

We arrived to a packed house of partying avatars for dj DDirty's signature party tunes.

ddirty adamczyk in second life

dj ddirty from southern california

dj ddirty from socal in second life

ddirty adamczyk aka dj ddirty from southern california
I saw Mareabella Magic, co-owner of Dance4Life partying on the dance floor looking hawt! Gauge Carter, the other owner was dancing on the dj booth keeping DDirty company.

raftwet, xavier at dance4life

raftwet, xavier at dj ddirty party

raftwet, xavier from the a list!

raftwet, xavier at dance4life in second life

raftwet, xavier at dj ddirty adamczyk party

SoCal in da house tonight! Friday night is tuneeeeees!