Friday, June 5, 2009

riverland, wetlands in virtual world of second life

cuddle zone at riverland, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.
Watch the WETLands video here.

I finally opened my sims. WETLands and RiverLand are simple. The focus is peace, relaxation on water, streams, rivers, oceans... no big fanfare... just a quiet retreat for friends and loved ones.
wetlands virtual world

Building WETLands, RiverLand

I'll ask the members of The A List! for feedback. I want to have you all come and enjoy this space. Let me know what is wrong or what is right about the sim. And if you want to add your own group joiners, club, sim, product info or events,  you are welcome to contact me to make those arrangements. There is no charge to the members of  The A List!

WETLands RiverLand sims

I have many people I want to thank for all their help and encouragement:
Tu Dae, Northland sim
Lastping Asp, Ground3D
Guiles Tidewater, GT Whitewater System
Damen Hax, Optikal
Ulrico Hax, UHS
Neil Protaganist, sculptures RiverLand
Elros Touminen, sculpture RiverLand
Glyph Graves, sculptures RiverLand
Olympia Rebus, sculptures WETLand
Chuckmatrix Clip, sculptures WETLand
Bryn Oh, sculpture WETLand
Cherry Manga, sculptures WETLand
WET Builders, luv to you all <3 
FMF Videos, Aoshi, my best friend
Xavier Thiebaud, my partner, my muse

WETLands RiverLand sims

And to all my friends who tolerated my ups and downs... hugz/kizz to you for everything:
Albatross Beaumount
AoshiScofield Paine
Mackenzie Koenkamp
Ulrico Hax
Stig Carnell
Ronnie Boyd
Nostrum Forder
Lennox Dollinger

To visit WETLands in the virtual world of Second Life, just click here:
WETLands virtual world in Second Life :

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