Saturday, October 10, 2009

tora bora club skeleton heads

tora bora club skeleton heads, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

tora bora club

the tora bora club

Finally! I got over to Tora Bora club to check out the new Zap Hax digs.

zap hax at tora bora club

dj zap hax at tora bora club

On the beach, there is a chill area, but the cave entrance entices and draws you in. There you will find Zap and his friends dancing to the electro mash that he spins.

tora bora club on the beach

raftwet at tora bora club for ...

Skeleton heads, the lava flow, the toitee there for the dj and the "Lost" sign intrigues me... makes me wonder what it all means....? Meanwhile... let's party! Woot!

lava inside the tora bora cave

the tora bora club

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  1. We, the most distant dwellers upon the earth, the last of the free, have been our remoteness and by the obscurity which has shrouded our name...Beyond us lies no nation, nothing but waves and rocks - Some Guy, long time ago.