Saturday, January 30, 2010

Contemporary Art in a Classical Setting

Those of you who know me well also know that in real life I love classical music. I am a classically trained musician who plays the violin, guitar, recorder and a bit of piano. Most of the avatars in Second Life usually see me at the clubs where I love love love all kinds of music and dancing. Hee hee I am definitely a clubber at heart!

Last night, though, I spent a wonderful evening at Criss Museum of Contemporary Art. Scotj Criss and his lovely partner, Katerina Burner held "A Baroque Ball" and we attended in full French fashion circa 1600. The Barque Ball was highlighted with a live reading of poetry and live music with Azael Glom who played popular classical compositions on piano.

Both of us had gone to the museum prior to the Baroque Ball a few weeks ago and I had captured some photos of the contemporary art at their main gallery. The gallery itself is a piece of sculptural architecture and compliments the art inside.

Much thanks to Scotj and Katerina for allowing us to view their private art collection and their lovely Baroque Ball!

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