Wednesday, March 10, 2010

maximillion kleene live musician in second life

Whenever I need a spiritual boast, I come to a Maximillion Kleene concert. Max is and will always be someone special for me in the live music scene. He is a kind soul and even a more generous artist than anyone I've ever met.

maximillion kleene concert at ka leo lani

ka-leo-lani beach club live music concerts

waterfalls at ka-leo-lani beach club

He can sing and wrap the music around your heart like no other artist in Second Life. He does contemporary covers and even has a few of his own classics that he has written.

ka leo lani beach club in second life

maximillion kleene concert in second life

raftwet jewell at max kleene concert

Today, we are at Ka-Leo-Lani Beach Club visiting the beach side venue watching the waves of the ocean. A gorgeous waterfall was flowing behind us as we rested on the pillows on the deck. So nice!

xavier, raftwet at maximillion kleene concert

xavier, raftwet at ka-leo-lani beach club
Max Kleene reminds me of real life friend Jackie Green who sings Americana, folk and indie songs that he writes. The New York Times has dubbed Jackie, "The Prince of Americana."

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