Saturday, April 10, 2010

live music relay for life fundraiser

Multiple sims hosted the 2010 Home Expo in Second Life. With a major fundraiser for Relay for Life, I popped into an adjacent sim to listen and dance to the live music of Maximillion Kleene, Harper Messmer, Raspbury Rearwin, Andris Janus, Beth Odets and Stella Silvansky.

live music fundraiser at relay for life

relay for life live music fundraiser

home expo builders

I'm glad I went to the adjacent sim! There were so many avis at the live music fundraiser that most of the musicians on stage were either gray or white clouds! LOL!

home and garden show in second life

waterfalls at home and garden show

home and garden show

I saw the fundraiser rack up to $976,000+ lindens for a worthy cause. I am sure with the outpouring of support, they will reach a million! Congratulations to the organizers! Woot!

raftwet at home expo garden show

raftwet jewell at home expo

raftwet jewell in second life