Friday, April 30, 2010

MOM promotions

MOM promotions, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

ministry of motion in second life

dance animations at ministry of motion

A whimsical shopping experience for dance animations accompanys live music at Ministry of Motion on a regular basis. Tonight, we caught Raspbury Rearwin with his guitar.

ministry of motion

live musician raspbury rearwin

Nomash Syaka is the creative mind behind this whimsy and madness. Flying noobs, pink elephants and bananas float through the sky.

dance animations in second life

Avis trying out the dance animations through 100's of dance pads and walking on the beautiful water, this place is a total fantasy shopping experience.

dance animations at MOM

Live musicians are here daily from Max Kleene to Noma Falta. All kinds of promotions to win you over include free dancing, free lindens and more.

This is shopping at its best! Go play and listen! Woot!

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