Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Friends Shopping!

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We all have them right? Just so happens my BFF is a shop-o-holic just like I am.. only she is worse. Thoughts of shopping keep her awake at night. I never have that problem. *blinks* Anywho! My BFF Viola found these shirts at BOOM. The package comes with three layers, one set for you and the other for your BFF. Also, theres nifty little braided BFF bracelets inside. Feel free to fib to your BFF and pretend like you spent HOURS braiding these by hand. They won't know the difference.


Get the styles:

Shae's Style:

T-shirt- BOOM - My BFF 2

Jeans: Fishy Strawberry Equinox Jeans - evening

Under shirt: Nyte'N'Day - "Im the cute one" Tank

Waist Jacket: Fishy Strawberry

Skin- LaVie - Demi - May - Spring

Hair: Analog Dog - Ash - Espresso

Jewelry: Twinkleberry - Conchiglia n2 (necklace, earrings and bracelet)

Bracelet: BOOM - My BFF Friendship Bracelet

Shoes: Radikal - Superstar -white/pink

Viola's Style:

T-Shirt - BOOM - My BFF 1

Undershirt: Ricielli - Long top in White

Jacket: Aoharu - Collarless Jacket in White

Jeans: Ducknipple - Zwelgies - in blue

Hair: Truth - Mena - Expresso

Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit - PS High-Tops Multi Color

Bracelet: BOOM - BFF Friendship Bracelet

Skin: Laqroki - Ania 09 Nougat Glow

Submitted by BOSL for THE A LIST!

Some items may have been gifted.

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