Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ballet Pixelle behind the curtain

My Second Life has become as busy as my real life. Where do I find time to explore or build or support my friends'  art here?

AVATARA presented by Ballet Pixelle

Ballet Pixelle's AVATARA
I have been trying to see AVATARA by Ballet Pixelle all month long. Each performance, I was either too busy in RL or too busy in SL.

ballet pixelle dancers pas de quatre

So, I was glad to hear that the ballet company decided to extend AVATARA performance until the end of this month (August 2010).

AVATARA Aliens by Ballet Pixelle

I can remember the first virtual ballet that I saw back in 2007. The movements were still rudimentary and primitive back then. Now, the movements are more complex, more fluid during the transitions.

Ballet Pixelle dancer for AVATARA

The performance of AVATARA is beautiful from the simple costumes to the beautiful minimalist watercolor on the back drops.

Ballet Pixelle's watercolor background

Two costumes stood out for me: the chess-pawn-shaped costume and the very tall alien costumes. Both were stunning against the backdrops.

Ballet Pixelle performers of AVATARA

The dancing was clean and without too much lag (midweek is a good time to go!), and I did not see any "gray goo" hair or prims.

raftwet jewell at ballet pixelle performance of AVATARA

Try to see this ballet... if only for the visual beauty. Then, be in awe over the incredible animations of the dance itself. This is art and science in one neat package. And, I can't wait for the next artful performance! Bravo! Ballet Pixelle!


Ballet Pixelle Dancers and Performers: Announcer; Marsden Tomorrow

[17:18] MC avatara: Ava: The Amazing  Amelie Dibou
[17:18] MC avatara: Tara: The Viviacious Vivi
[17:18] MC avatara: Virtual Dancers
[17:19] MC avatara:  Lovely Luci Yokosuka, Pirouetting Patros, Tutu much Tik, Turnout extradorinarie Tinka
[17:19] MC avatara: “Flights of Fancy” (Caterpillars & Butterflies):
[17:19] MC avatara: Tik Merlin, Tinka Bondar, Smashing Sherarainbow
[17:19] MC avatara: “Traveling Light” (Suitcases): The Company
[17:19] MC avatara: “So You Think Aliens Can Dance?” (Metal Aliens):
[17:19] MC avatara: lucky Luci Yokosuka, , and Pas de bouree Patros
[17:19] Marsden Tomorrow: Cute as a Butto Celcelia
[17:20] Marsden Tomorrow: Button Cecilia Mistwalker is also an alien
[17:20] MC avatara: Ava and Tara - Pas de Quatre:
[17:20] MC avatara:  Tombe'Tik Merlin,  Arabasque AbaBrukh Aabye, Dancer Deyna  and Always Beautiful Aiyana Tripsa
[17:20] MC avatara: Orange Aliens:
[17:20] MC avatara: Super Sherainbow Merlin, Terrfic Tinka Bondar, and Charming Cecilia Mistwalker, Pas de basque Patros
[17:20] MC avatara: Our artistic director of Ballet Pixelle, Inarra Saarinen

Artistic Director and Choreographer, Inarra Saarinen, created the animations and choreography for this production,  and world renowned singer/song writer, Solary Clary, composed and performs the music.

More Information and Resources about Ballet Pixelle:

Ballet Pixelle ™ produces professional works that creatively utilize the Second Life and First Life environments; we produce classical, neo-classical, contemporary, and eclectic ballets for and with the residents of Second Life.

Our dancers perform original animations created especially for each ballet. Ballet Pixelle™  cast members live literally all around the world and in performance, dance to the music as he or she hear it, coordinating their movement with other dancers on our stage. The musical scores are original works written for these new ballets.

Roles are available for dancers, designers, composers, animators, supporters, and audience members.  All welcome!

Director's and Company's philosophy; see link below.

ArtsHub Australia
"Virtually Dancing"  - an interview with Inarra Saarinen      

- Inarra Saarinen
Artistic Director, Ballet Pixelle

All resources and information written by Ballet Pixelle and Inarra Saarinen for public release

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