Tuesday, November 2, 2010

THE CRISS : Remembrance Day Art Contest

"THE CRISS" Remembrance Day Art Contest, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Remembrance Day Art Contest

Art piece to portray World war 2 (WW2) Remembrance Day  and peace.


* Prim limit up to 30
* Cannot exceed height of 6 metres
* Cannot exceed width of 3 metres
* One entry  per person and must be in within  October 19th and November 11th
*  Sculpture must be transferrable and copiable

All submissions to katerina Burner, Director of The Criss MCA.

Make sure you keep your original as entry will not be returned.
Winners will be selected by public voting by the 19th November.

Finalists will be notified to be able to attend the awards day event to be announced on 24th November at 6pm (slt) at Concert Event  presentation at the MCA.

1st prize 5000L
2nd prize1500L
3rd  500L

 Also the winners will be able to show at The Criss MCA  at a future date.

*Cannot include any defamatory or pornographic images or be specific to patriotism or political preference.


Location: Alajuela (192, 72, 22)

Poster & info submitted by Scotj Criss for THE A LIST! blog.
Upload by raftwet jewell for this post.

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