Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jake's Club Events presents dj Syriana at Grease party

dj syriana at Grease party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Brodie and Jakey at Grease Party

GREASE! in Second Life

Saturday night and Brady sends a shout for a GREASE themed party presented by JakeC Hotshot and Jake's Club Events.

party people at Grease themed party at Jake's

brady rowell, photographer in second life 

xavier, raftwet, brodie & jakey at jake's Grease party
Jakey always has fun-filled parties for his guests. With dj Syriana Paine spinning, his friends know that the party starts right when you rezz-in.

xavier, raftwet at dj Syriana party for Jakey's Grease!

Everyone was in 50's attire, so I had a lot of fun camera-ing around snapping pics of pompadours and bad boy jackets. LOL! 

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