Monday, January 10, 2011

cherry manga at tournicoton art gallery

cherry manga at tournicoton art gallery, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

My avatar was bitten by the cyber bug after watching Tron, the big Disney release in mid-December. I had to burn that feeling so I walked about in a cyber outfit for a few days.

rafee at tournicoton art gallery show

On Dec 19th, I went over to Tournicoton Art Gallery to see Cherry Manga's installation. The ghostly white installation was stark against the black night and the artwork floated in the sky near the long walkway.

tournicoton art installation

Other artists were at the show, but I was there to see Cherry's work as she has been a favorite artist of mine for a very long time.

JayJay Zinfanwe just sent out the UWA (University Western Australia) announcements for December's round of their art challenge and low and behold! Cherry Manga's work was the winner for last months competition. 

His comments, "...Cherry Manga's  IL PLEUT SUR MON COEUR COMME IL PLEUT SUR LA VILLE (It's raining in my heart, as it's raining in the town) took out the top prize (L$10,000) for the December round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. "

cherry manga art work

Go and check out her work at the UWA show! You will also be mesmerized by her work. 
She deserves the recognition and the win. Her work has always captivated me in more ways than I can explain.

For more info, please visit UWA's website. 
January kiosk for receiving artwork is located here:

Photos by raftwet jewell at Tournicoton Art Gallery and uploaded for THE A LIST! blog.

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