Sunday, August 7, 2011

Partnerships and Friends

Happy Summer to everyone here at THE A LIST!

Our focus of unifying the grid has been a very difficult process. A process that sometimes caused us to almost give up on the hope of making peace within the business and creative communities. We worked hard for you and the majority of our group appreciated the small ways we tried to help.

We created internet properties to bring our photographs, words and promotions for the varying interests here on the Second Life grid. Sometimes, we could not do everything due to a lack of resources and manpower. The successes have been remarkable, though. We see many of you networking together, creating new groups, new offerings and working together in a cohesive way. That is our main success.

We also saw a few that did not support us no matter what we did. And, that was disheartening. Networking is complicated and sometimes people did not see the positive unless their name was up front. That can not happen as there are many in our group and each of you have an important interest here in Second Life.

Our focus now is to move forward, continue to network our group and to provide a vehicle for your interests. Here's to prosperity at the end of this year, 2011! Economy in the US is showing an uptick and that is a very good sign for the entire world. Cheers!

For any questions or concerns, please contact Raftwet or Xavier for further information.

Xavier Thiebaud
Raftwet Jewell

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