Friday, May 22, 2009

aven zapatero at derailed

aven zapatero at derailed, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Oh what a hectic week I had in RL... I needed a Friday night of fun. Off we went to shop and chill when we got a shout from Ware Schwade over at DeRailed.

derailed on sub zero sim

I was too busy the last couple weeks to see Aven Zapatero and the rest of the gang over there, so we stopped off for a bit. Take a look at Aven's youtube link for the "cult of bacon." It will explain the bacon sculpture in the club Derailed. LOL!

dj ware schwade at derailed

dj Ware Schwade had his heavy pounding beats, but several interludes brought dark sounds... scary and ominous! His music could be properly described as epic. I could really see his spins accompanying a video or game platform... very orchestral. You can find Ware at DeRailed as altered as he readily admits. Hehehe.