Thursday, May 14, 2009


DJ ISItheDREAMAKER, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

There are only a few DJ's on the Second Life grid that can make me drop everything to go hear them. And they know who they are...

DJ IsitheDreamaker Teskat is the King of Hardstyle trance. The first time I heard him was at Teknival pounding the tunes so hard that the beats were vibrating into my chest. I was astounded at his set. And I never forgot that moment.

I had been introduced to hardstyle trance by an old friend, Bio, a German who used to frequent Dance Island regularly. The two of us would dance during the European hours following the likes of Kryonami, the hardstyle master at that time.

Now, I have best of both worlds. DJ IsitheDreamaker also pounds the decks at Dance Island and his own club, Domina Disco. Isi is supreme!

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