Saturday, May 16, 2009

djosiris darkstone in second life

What comes around goes around... avatars leave and avis come back, and this avi is back again!

DJOsiris Darkstone is back on the grid spinning his magic. I first met Osi at Organica many moons ago. He was always a bit different than the other dj's.

He settled in with old friends at House Divaz, hanging with djxHalloween Boa and the rest of the Divaz gang. I would go listen to him regularly where he would take out the old vinyl, as a purist, and give his all to his sets.

hydrogen club in second life

Tonight I catch him at Hydrogen, an industrial club on the Molokai sim. Osi was spinning an eclectric, post-industrial set. He loves his craft and it shows. He is usually AFK and all his friends know that he's probably organizing his huge catalogue of music when he doesn't answer.

I am happy so see an old friend back and even happier to hear him again! Woot!

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