Thursday, May 28, 2009

pete westminster aka dj barbarick

I heard a rumor around the grid that DJ Barbarick was back... we always called him Barb... hardstyle dj who was a good friend of Xavier's. We even went to his wedding, and soon after he left the grid for unknown reasons.

raftwet jewell at dj pete west...

This UK dj brings a different type of hardstyle mix to the dance floor. He even mixes a bit of the mash into his sets. Hard beats with a little craziness thrown in just to keep the feet moving. I always enjoyed listened to "Barbs" spin at his parties.

pete westminster at dance isla...

And now, he is back at 
Dance Island spinning his brand of hardstyle as a new avi named Pete Westminster. So nice to hear him again... woot!

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