Tuesday, June 16, 2009

raver, rafee at muzik haus

raver, rafee at muzik haus, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

raver xeno presents raverz sty...

I was at Raver Xeno's retail store called Raverz Stylez checking out the rave wear. I got distracted by the HUGE cereal bowl in the middle of the store.

raverz stylez

Model poses sucked me in vying for position with Xavier on the rim of the bowl and then the milk carton itself! LOL!

raverz stylez shopping

Raver is one of the hardest working retailers on the grid and it shows. His stores, affiliates dot the retail landscape everywhere! It's rare anymore that I can share a dance floor with him... he's so busy.

the a list at RAVERZ STYLEZ

raver xeno, raftwet jewell at ...

But, tonight I ran into him at Mr Widget's party, so we got a chance to catch up. His latest tattoos (see the pics) are very cool and he was wearing a set. (shhh... I'll get a set for my angel...)


Yah... Raver is one of my favorite peeps in SL... good people. Like I told an old friend yesterday... surround yourself with good people and the rest will all fall into place.

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