Thursday, August 27, 2009

clastix enzo : japan

clastix enzo : japan, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

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rafee at RBMP party second lif...

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dj tasty hax at RBMP

I got a tp from Mizz Tasty Hax of Radiant Bliss Music Project to hear Japanese dj Clastix Enzo spin at RBMP. I caught the tail-end of dj GW spin before Clastix came on board.

dj clastix enzo at RBMP party

DJ Clastix Enzo is a popular dj in virtual world of Second Life. First time, I heard him was at Radi's club Vital. He became a fav dj right away! I always remember him because of his cute cartoon "head" instead of a regular avi face. LOL!

tasty hax : radiant bliss musi...

Now, that's one way to get everyone's attention! But, his minimal set is always superb! And, RBMP is a great place to hear him.

rafee at RBMP party second lif...

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