Monday, August 3, 2009

Mimi's Choice : Jador Autumn Collection 2009

WHAT: A series of 4 fashion parties (not fashion shows), showing for the first time the Autumn 2009 Collection from Jador Fashion (one of the top female fashion brands on SL)

WHO: Scoutlounge will provide the location (its Club space) and four of its best DJs; Jador Fashion will provide the outfits and the models through Mimi Juneau of Mimi's Choice (Jador's Strategic Partner and reseller).

WHERE: Scoutlounge is the location for the parties. Mimi's Choice is the place where the entire collection will be put on sale exclusively

WHEN: August 3rd, 5-7AM (DJ TheArtfullOne Skytower), August 3rd, 6-8PM (DJane Kylie Wiefel), August 4th, 6-8AM (DJane Shanti Allen), August 6th, 1-4PM (DJ Lexx Runo)

WHY: Fashion and Clubbing are two separate worlds which are close to each other but never met themselves so far on a large scale. For fashion designers this can be a different way of presenting their collections in a dynamic and live environment, versus the usual fashion show.

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