Sunday, September 6, 2009

milky way : the amp

milky way : the amp, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

nicanor constantine

mackenzie, rafee, grease at th...

The Milky Way sim has been around for quite a while now.. 2 years! That's an accomplishment in itself. IPR365 has had live music, dj's, events and retail on his sim for a long time.

friends of milky way sim

Mackenzie Koenkamp has been a constant here. As a hostess, a dj and now manager of promotions and events, the Milky Way continues to bloom.

dj nicanor constantine at the ...

I am hanging out today with old friends, Mack, Grease and others... always a fun time here at The Amp and everyone is friendly. The hostess greet everyone with a hello and a smile welcoming all!

raftwet, mackenzie at the amp

milky way : the warehouse

milky way : retail mall

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  1. What a great night..Thanks Raft for coming by and also seeing Grease after so long.. It was a nice evening.. make sure you come by sometime from Thursday to Sunday 10 AM TO 8 PM SLT for some more fun and free drink or too.. Or some Freebie that A3 put in the prize ball.. LOL.. The AMP has a little for eveyone.. and that is correct we had our 2 year birthday.. YAY!! Ok thanks again Love Mack ..