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vincent merricks

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live music vincent merricks

Live music in virtual world of Second Life is an amazing journey of folk, indie, country, jazz and classics.

circes circle radio

The musicians here are incredible. They compose their music or they do covers, but the feeling of a live performance is apparent.

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Vincent Merricks is a songwriter with a nod to country music. He also plays a mean blues guitar and that sexy, deep voice is perfect for his music.

luxor stage second life

We are over at Circe Broom's Luxor Stage. People were here in all manner of dress from jeans to ballgowns. Circe welcomes all.

venue tips

rafee, xavier at luxor stage

In his own words as real life Todd Cody:

"I was born in Long Beach, California and raised in Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona. I got my 1st guitar as a toddler (plastic, of course) and have always had instruments around since then. I began playing a real guitar at 8 years old and wrote my first song at 14. I've been writing and performing for over 20 years in real life.  As a solo performer or with various bands, I've played for lodges, bars and lounges in Massachusetts, Arizona and Florida . I've written songs in many genres including pop, blues and jazz, but write and performs mostly contemporary country music. The lyrics to my song "New Religion' received Honorable Mention in the American Songwriter Magazine lyric contest for January/February 2008.

I've been performing as Vincent Merricks in Second Life since mid-September  2007 and have regular shows each week. Memphis Pavilion - Sunday 12PM (noon), Sterling Vineyard - (bi-weekly) Monday 4PM, The Lily Pad (bi-weekly) Tuesday 8PM, Heaven Sent - (bi-weekly) Thursday 4PM, The New ViBe HQ - (Bi-weekly) Friday 1PM  and Luxor Stage - Friday at 8PM.

** An accurate and updated schedule of Vincent Merricks' Second Life  performances and an up-to-date songlist can be found at

Some of Todd's original songs can be heard at: (dedicated to Vince's performances in Second Life and includes a Second Life performance schedule) (about my real life and songwriting)

**Both of the above sites have a link to a forum that includes a photo gallery of pictures from both my real and 2nd lives, areas to talk about songwriting, a list of the songs that Vince presently performs and to request songs you'd like to hear him perform. There's also an area where you can listen to, read the lyrics and comment on some of my original compositions."

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circe broom at luxor stage

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