Sunday, October 25, 2009

calrek nansen in second life

calrek nansen in second life, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

calrek nansen at burning life ...

Gawd, I have a lot of favorite dj's! And the Burning Life event is full of my favorites.

dj calrek nansen at burning li...

I dropped in on the BassLine Junkiez folks over at their BikerCamp & BassHead PartyPlace.

burning life : bassline biker ...

DJ Calrek Nansen was spinning... and I love his sets! Hard tech industrial... nods to hardstyle... yah, he gets a party going.

slow rez : naked bodies

Stage looked awesome, too! I saw Daffy Snoodle, a great dj and a wonderfully imaginative builder. He was wearing his own designed sweatshirt (freebie peeps!).

daffy snoodle : bassline build...

Only one more day left of Burning Life. Get it whlie it's hot! Woot! BURN!

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