Thursday, October 22, 2009

nurito inshan

nurito inshan at tir na gra, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.
nurito inshan

Ok, so I am a little Burning Life'ed out... lol! I felt like listening to some dj Nurito music...

tir na gra in second life

halloween party at tir na gra

Nurito Inshan from E-78 sent out the notice this afternoon from Tir Na Gra club for an early Halloween party. Click, I hit the tp.

dj nurito inshan party at tir ...

A nice crowd was dancing to Nurito's cool minimal and world beats. A nice way to end the long work day... with a little Nurito mash.

rafee at tir na gra for dj nur...

magz, raftwet at tir na gra fo...

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