Tuesday, November 3, 2009

art graphics at musik haus

art graphics at musik haus, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

mr widget at musik haus

mr widget in second life
Monday night... what a long day of building... I accidently dropped a texture on the floor of the house. What a nightmare! I had to rezz the house again around the furniture! Blah... never build in the house...

muzik haus art at mr widget pa...

raftwet, mr widget at muzik ha...

I really needed his mash... Mr Widget is calling... oh yes, just in time.

muzik haus graphics

mr widget party in second life

Not just music, but an eyeful of visuals from the floor to the rotating photo cube to the circular colors above us. Musik Haus is shiny new and it shows.

musik haus photography

photos at musik haus

xavier, rafee at mr widget par...

Got my dancing shoes on... time to party with the music. Last night a DJ saved my life... Thank you MW...

raftwet at mr widget party

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