Sunday, November 15, 2009

skye galaxy concert in second life

My hands are shaking. I have found the best live singer in Second Life. I don't care what group he's in or if he's in mine. Skye Galaxy is the best that I have ever heard in Second LIfe.

skye galaxy concert in second ...
With heart pounding, tears in my eyes, I know this is a professional. He is not an amateur. Skye is singing at BS's "Bring a Friend, Stay While" venue and I can't believe what I am hearing.

On the piano, and his own compositions... join his group, his subscriber or whatever... hear him.

skye galaxy concert at BS

BS Bring a Friend : Skye Galax...

This is Second LIfe. The best venue on the planet for music... and Skye Galaxy is here.

Note from raftwet jewell : I apologize for the lack of photos; I was absolutely mesmerized and couldn't take pictures... 

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