Sunday, December 13, 2009

ChangHigh Trinity Sister performace in second life

Live performances are hot in Second LIfe. Not just live music but performances all across the grid. From ballet to fire dancing, the creative forces from the avatars bring a beauty uncommon and sometimes unseen in real life.

changhigh trinity sister performance

yman juran with ChangHigh Trinity Sister

Yman Juran of ChangHigh Trinity Sister had a beautiful show today on ElvenMoor sim. With Cypress Rosewood playing haunting music of Celtic origins, the spinning fire dancers in the sky were absolutely breathtaking.

cypress rosewood at elvenmoor

live music at elevenmoor with cypress rosewood

For those of you who are looking to beef up your attendance to your events or openings, contact Yman for an awe-inspiring addition to your schedules.

fire dancers at elvenmoor

fire dancers in second life

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