Wednesday, December 2, 2009

harper messmer in virtual world of second life

I saw the notice come in for The Wild Rose live music venue for both Dale Katscher and Harper Messmer back to back!

the wild rose live music calendar in second life

the wild rose on muse isle in second life

Both live music artists are popular in Second Life. I saw Dale help out over at Dance4Life World Aids Day yesterday and I caught the tail end of his set and his jazzy delivery of tunes.

harmonie weitman of the wild rose

the wild rose owner harmonie weitman

the wild rose live music artists in second life

Harper Messmer has been doing live music for quite a while and his easy demeanor sets the audience at ease with his beautiful voice. Check out his stream at or follow him on Harper Messmer twitter.

harper messmer live music second life at the wild rose

THE A LIST! at The Wild Rose on Muse Isle in Second Life

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