Thursday, December 17, 2009

Max Kleene - Olympic Torch Relay

Maximillion Kleene in Second Life


Maximillion Kleene sent over some cool info about the Olympic Torch Relay in Vancouver, Canada. And, I mean... really cool information peeps! Here is the info in Max's own words as follows:

"I will be a torchbearer for the Olympic torch relay for the upcoming games in Vancouver, Canada. I wanted to share this with my SL friends, so here's how you can watch the moment from a live webcam...

Enter the following URL in your web browser : 
and bookmark it or create desktop shortcut.  

The video runs on the "Silverlight" media player. You will need to download and install it.  

It is a free download and you can see the link for it just under the video screen.  
Once you have the Silverlight player installed. You should see video if the torch relay is currently happening.  

If not, the relay might be stopped for the night and will resume in the morning. Ocasionally, the video will drop out and resume. Hopefully, it'll be nice and smooth on Sunday nite.  

My portion of the relay will be on the evening of Sunday, December 20th at approximately 3:10 pm "SL time" (6:10 pm EST). 

Hope you can tune in. I'll wave and try and jump up and click my heels for you guys."
Maximillion Kleene from Second Life

Thank you Max for the timely info!!! Good luck and we will see ya on the video stream! Woot!

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