Wednesday, January 27, 2010

jen noel aka the dealer at cafe ravello

It's Wednesday and we affectionately call it Hump Day. The middle of the week and everyone is already looking forward to the weekend! LOL!

water in second life

party at cafe ravello

Tonight we are chilling with dj Jen Noel aka "The Dealer" who spins a fusion of eclectic world music. Her emphasis tonight is the blues... from everywhere!

waterfalls in second life

waterfalls at villas de ravello

cafe ravello in second life

villas de ravello in second life

A casual setting set in a beautiful landscape of waterfalls, fountains and streams makes me smile. Tilted columns and pavillions gives Cafe Ravello an old world feel. A nice play to party! Woot!

raftwet, xavier at cafe ravello

raftwet, xavier at dj jen noel party

raftwet, xavier at jen noel party at cafe ravello

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