Monday, January 11, 2010

riverland party for the a list!

riverland party for the a list!, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

earthling, debbie, xavier at the a list! party

xavier, raftwet from the a list!

dj ddirty adamczyk party on riverland

THE A LIST! had a party last night that included some of the best dj's on the Second Life grid. If we had had more days, we could have included all the music makers in our group!

raftwet on riverland

xavier at the a list! party

mr widget party on riverland

raftwet at riverland the a list! party

Xavier rezzed an old build from 2006 on my region, RiverLand. The cave was originally an extension of a larger build from a long ago club that he owned.

2010 new year celebration on riverland

the a list! party on riverland

We invited our friends and group members to celebrate both Xavi's birthday and THE A LIST! one year anniversary in 2010.

arnaud mureaux at the a list! party

lulu francis in second life on riverland

queen coronet at the a list! party

alicedea timeless, firefury burns

pan tripsa at riverland party

Many thanks goes to our dj's: DDirty Adamczyk from Dance4Life, SAO Tokyoska from Skanda Productions, Amish Mighty from Club Industry, Sebastian Niero from ScoutLounge, Healer Ladybird from Boom Festival and Mr Widget from Muzik Haus.

ddirty adamczyk at the a list! party

sao tokyoska at riverland

amish mighty for the a list! party on riverland

sebastian niero at riverland

healer ladybird party for the a list!

mr widget mash party on riverland

Special thanks to Marebella Magic, Victoria Grau and the other hostesses for helping shout. And, a big up to Electronic Music Informer, Digital Nation, Ravers on Dope and I Love House Music for allowing our shouts in their groups.

the a list! in second life

And to all THE A LIST! group members for supporting us this past year. We couldn't have achieved our goals without you! We love you guys! Happy New Year!

raftwet jewell in second life

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