Saturday, February 13, 2010

coca supercharge at tink & coca forever party

It's Valentine's weekend and the love parties are everywhere. Today is a special party for two of my favorite dj's... Coca Supercharge and Tink Toll.

coca tink forever party

party people at coca tink anniversary

Talk about Power Girls! These two bring the hard beats with a flair. It's always a great party and today both are celebrating their anniversary together. Even Deirdre Masala and Sana Holmer from Dance Island are here! Wheeeee!

jj rotunno at coca tink anniversary party

party at coca tink anniversary

Calrek Nansen was playing next, another fav dj with a powerful beat and cool spins.

coca tink anniversary party

raftwet at coca tink anniversary party

raftwet jewell at coca tink party

I guess I'll be here for a while... LOL! WOOT! Tink & Coca forever!


  1. Thank you so much Raft. <3 Tink

  2. 3 years of deep love - only the BEST party applies and yes this is the one!!! Coca and Tink - I love you both to bits xxx

    And very nice coverage RAFT :))