Saturday, February 20, 2010

sidda leigh at yotan korobase party

sidda leigh at yotan's party, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

yotan korobase at warehouse

party in second life
Oooo... too much partying on Friday night. This calls for the chill tunes of minimal beats for today.

ancient camper lol!

sidda and rraurgrimm at f.a.m.

yotan korobase at the deck
Sidda Leigh sent a shout for Yotan Korobase, a dj that does a nice set of complex sounds and noises that puts the chill into his set.

sidda leigh's warehouse party

yotan korobase party at sidda's warehouse

renanyoy oh at dj yotan korobase party

raftwet at dj yotan korobase party
I am dancing at F.A.M. and letting the sounds enter my head on this beautiful sunny California day. Nice, nice way to start the Saturday night parties.

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