Sunday, March 7, 2010

dj jenny robledo party at dance island

I'm converting the snowy landscape on WETLands to early spring. Little flowers peeking out through the vibrant greens of the early growth are starting to peek through.

dance island party in second life

dance island party

dance island party zone

Deirdre Masala sent a shout for a party at Dance Island. DJ Jenny Robledo was spinning her signature trance set. Just in time for me to chill after a long Saturday.

rafee at dance island

raftwet jewell at dance island

raftwet at dance island

It's 2010 and I've been hanging out at Dance Island since 2007. A long time for any club and even longer for a loyal avatar like me. What's even cooler is how many old friends I see here tonight; Deirdre, Spinmaster, Robertson, Shalandra, Sydney, Jasper,  and so many others. A great feeling...

rafee jewell at dance island

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