Monday, April 26, 2010

etc dollinger at the black cat club

Gawd! It's Monday... ugh. And, a week's worth of work is in front of me. Hmmm... Monday is close to weekend; therefore, I can excuse this evening for a party! LOL!

etc dollinger dancing at his party

etc dollinger party at the black cat club

DJ ETC Dollinger hit the decks over at The Black Cat Club for his signature party spins. He had a theme going on pulling all kinds of music together for a fun, fun, fun set!

xavier, raftwet at black cat club

xavier, raftwet at etc dollinger party

Monday blues? Naw... not when we got party dj's like ETC on the grid. Woot!

the black cat club

the black cat club in second life

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Written by ETC Dollinger and Sookie Landar

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