Friday, June 18, 2010

ddirty adamczyk at fusion club

ddirty adamczyk at fusion club, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

DDirty Adamczyk in second life

Let me work it... woot! DJ DDirty Adamczyk is hitting it hard spinning a party set for the grand opening of FUSION Club.

fusion club grand opening

The place is crazy packed with everyone in shades of Second Life gray goo. LOL! Approximately 50 avatars dancing their arse off to the hot, hot tunes by DDirty.

fusion club in second life

Party on people... life is too short for chess! Wheeeeeeee

Update!!! from DJ DDirty Adamczyk himself:
[22:21]  DDirty Adamczyk shouts: <--- go here to see DJ DDIRTY MIXING LIVE HERE AT FUSION!!!

DDirty Adamcyzk Live Show on now!

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