Friday, June 18, 2010

radiant bliss group in second life

FRIDAY! and the party has started. The minimal crowd was at Isle of Goodness for a Radiant Bliss party. Miss Tasty Hax was also there welcoming everyone.

isle of goodness

I saw a lot of people there enjoying the outdoor venue surrounded by colorful flowers and trees.

raftwet jewell at radiant bliss party

DJ Savva McMillan was spinning a nice popping minimal set. Nice!

raftwet jewell at isle of goodness

Next Party on Monday June 21st!

radiant bliss party june 21 / monday

More information about Radiant Bliss:

Radiant Bliss Music Project  is a worldwide RL/SL community of unique, tallented specialty DJs  and music lovers created by Tasty Hax for the purpose of "Uniting People Through Music" ...sharing  top quality electronic music, exploring and discovering  new sounds, and encouraging expiramental and creative  freedom of DJs.   Radiant Bliss creates  a positive atmosphere of  fun happy love vibes and  brings people around the world together for fun and friendship  at some of the best parties and special events in SL.  Come visit us and join the group of 1400+ music lovers!


*Magic Garden:
*Burning Life:

Written by Tasty Hax and submitted for THE A LIST!

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