Thursday, July 29, 2010

soror nishi by bau ur

soror nishi by bau ur, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

soror nishi flowers by bau ur

soror nishi trees by bau ur

soror nishi art by bau ur

Outdoor Garden Sale!

When surreal botanical artist Soror Nishi recently announced she would no longer make her creations available in SL (except for occasional new shows), some alarmed friends and appreciators asked her to offer her old creations one last time.

So for one to weeks her amazing, vividly colored, joyous trees and flowers will be hosted at Prism Lila.

IMPORTANT: Please look up!! There are three platforms above the ground parcel.

Past shows and gallery exhibits:
She has shown "flora virtua exotica" at Burning Life 07 & 08, NPIRL Garden of Delights, Orange Island, The Hill (arts, sculpture and dance club), Vision Gallery, le parc des arts, and an extensive refurbishment of Avgi, Isle of Awakening, SL6B, Phoenicia,  Lalalala Gallery, Evolution Gallery, Angelgate,The Vienna Quarter, Formes Nocturnes and  Poetik velvets, Raglan Shire, BL09, REN, University of Western Australia, :::soup Magoo:::,Deutche Info Welt, University of Delaware.... and ... (maybe some others I have forgotten.)

soror nishi landscape by bau ur

soror nishi trees by raftwet jewell

soror nishi trees by raftwet jewell

Submitted by Bau Ur for THE A LIST!
Thank you Soror Nishi and Bau Ur
Photos by Bau Ur and Raftwet Jewell

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  1. Thanks for the support....I hope to also be able to show a wider range of trees later in the month and will keep you all informed...:))
    Happy gardening...