Sunday, September 26, 2010

CvC Criss party at Sounds.Gravis.Beach

CvC Criss party at Sounds.Gravis.Beach, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

Sounds.Gravis.Beach in Second Life

DJ CvC Criss at SGB (Sounds Gravis Beach)

SGB dj booth

Smooth, sexy house music was spinning over at Sounds.Gravis.Beach, by real life Brazilian dj CvC Criss. Sooo, chill and put me in a relaxed mood at beach side.

party at SGB with dj CvC Criss

entrance to Sounds.Gravis.Beach

SGB is a beautiful club with so many great dj's that you could probably hang here all day long. Check out the incredible dj wall of photos to get an understanding about how many dj's spin here.


Sounds.Gravis.Beach : climbing the stairs to the club

I am swaying and bumping to the music as I write this post! Mmmmmmm that saxophone and percussion.... niceeeeee!

raftwet at Sounds Gravis Beach party

raftwet jewell at Sounds.Gravis.Beach

Drama note: Speaking of "bumping" lol, I am getting bumped a lot at the clubs. My new rule is this; you bump, I block. 

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