Saturday, September 25, 2010

jake and baz at jakes club resort

jake and baz at jakes club resort, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

JakeC Hotshot of Jakes Club Resort

Jake and Baz at Japan party

A gorgeous Japanese-themed setting was built over at Jakes Club Resort. Climbing the wooden stairs through the door and suddenly the world changes to Japan.

party bois at Jakes Club Resort

Jakes Club Resort Japan party

A beautiful stream with Koi fish and a temple graced the background. We walked over the bridge into a Japanese wonder.

godzilla at Jakes Club Resort

godzilla dancing at jakes club resort

godzilla? where's mothra?

Godzilla made an appearance without Mothra, but that overgrown lizard sure could dance! LOL!

THE A LIST! at Jakes Club Resort

the a list! at Jakes Club Resort

raftwet jewell at Jakes Club Resort

Everyone was in kimonos! What a great party! A beautiful Saturday night in Second LIfe with good music and fun spirits! Woot! Thank you Jake and Baz!

xavier and raftwet at Jakes Club Resort

Social Network of Jakes Club Resort

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