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LeeZu's Makeover Madness Contest

LeeZu's Makeover Madness Contest, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.



Makeover Madness Contest

September 21 - October 4, 2010

Details and Rules:

NOTE ** This contest is open to both male and female avatars. In the event a male wins, they may gift the skins from LionSkins to a female friend. All other prizes remain the same.

What's more fun in SL than shopping?  Well, for one thing, shopping for a makeover!  Have you grown tired of your look? Want something new and exciting?  Well, have we got a deal for you!

LeeZu! is hosting a makeover contest.  Show us your worst look and convince us that you need a makeover desperately.  Need new hair? Skin? Clothes? Shoes? Shapes? Eyes?  LeeZu Baxter, owner of [LeeZu!] Couture clothing, in cooperation with Music Hyun, owner of *p_OO_f*, professional makeover consultant, Serenity Mercier, owner of the popular Ananke Media Systems which brings you PhotoStage, and Lion Jonesford of LionSkins, maker of quality skins in SL, is ready to give you the makeover of your life!   And all you have to do is show us that you need one.

Take a photo of yourself, the less flattering the better, and submit it to us along with a short paragraph telling us why you deserve a complete makeover.


All photos must be square format, either 512 X 512 or 1024 X 1024.  Any photos submitted that are any other size will be automatically disqualified.

Post processing is permitted but should not alter the essential avatar appearance.  No morphs!

One submission per avatar. If you have an alt that you want to enter, that is permitted, but the entry must be submitted under the alt's name.


Create a Folder called "LeeZu! Makeover - Your Name" and include a notecard telling us why you need a  makeover. Maybe you had a bad hairday, or got caught in a tornado.  Just have fun with it.

Take a snapshot of yourself at your worst. Think 'opposite of glamour shots'.  Include the photo in the folder "FULL PERMS" and name the photo "Help Me - Your Name". Remember.. all photos MUST be square.. either 512 X 512 or 1024 X 1024.

Submit the folder which should include a notecard and a photo to Barbara Nicholls. All submissions will be judged by LeeZu! management and the person needing a makeover the most will win the grand prize.


L$20,000 Cash from LeeZu! to finance your Makeover Shopping Needs

􀀁 [LeeZu!] Flagship Store :


Free Makeover Consultation with Music Hyun, *p_OO_f* Professional Makeover Consultant .. up to four hours with a talented consultant who will help you find the perfect look to match your personality.
(L$10,000 Value)

􀀀 *p O O f* Makeover Consulting Kiosk :

Complete Photo Package from AMS including: PhotoSpin, PhotoStage, PhotoLite, PhotoStand and PhotoPro Add-Ons
(L$ 9,780 Value)

􀀂 AMS @ Lady Vale :

Five skins of your choice from LionSkin's new Zora Collection.

􀀃 LionSkins-Mainstore :
(L$5,000 Value)


So, put in your curlers (and leave them in), scrub off that makeup, dig out your fuzzy slippers and smile.  One entry per Avatar and Alts welcome to enter.

**Note: If your alt wins, the alt receives the makeover. You cannot transfer the prizes.

Poster submitted by Music Hyun in behalf of Poof
 for THE A LIST! blog.
Poster from LeeZu! and associates; uploaded by RAFTWET Jewell to

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