Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sphynx jazz club owner, eleni lurra

eleni lurra of sphynx jazz club, originally uploaded by rafeejewell.

couples dancing at sphynx jazz club

sphynx jazz club in second life

The weather is changing and our thoughts are with the upcoming holidays. Time for celebration and spending time with friends.

sphynx jazz club
We headed over for a romantic time together dancing at Sphynx Jazz Club. DJ Pepper Quinote was playing a set of romance, jazz, and lounge music.

sphynx jazz club columns

xavier, raftwet at sphynx jazz club
The sky was filled with stars as we melted into each other's arms. A beautiful way to spend an evening!

raftwet, xavier at romantic sphynx jazz club

raftwet, xavier at sphynx jazz club
Join the Sphynx group in Second Life.

All photos by raftwet jewell for THE A LIST! and uploaded to flickr.
Many thanks to Eleni Lurra for her beautiful ballroom and jazz club!

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